Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition


Microsoft Visual C++ is an integrated development environment for the C/C++ programming languages. The Visual C++ compiler can generate native C/C++ code and managed assemblies targeted at the .NET runtime. Visual C++ is used in industry to create applications targeted at the Windows operating system. Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition is a free download that comes with a graphical editing environment, C and C++ compiler, build management system, C and C++ standard libraries, and the Windows SDK.


C/C++ compiler
The Visual C++ compiler builds modern ANSI-C and ISO-C++ code, ensuring that your code is portable to other platforms and works with other standards-conformant tools. This is the same compiler shipped with professional versions.
IntelliSense provides statement completion as you type, allowing you to access properties, methods, and events. Upon entering the name of an object, typing "->", "::" or "." will display a popup list showing the available members.
The Visual C++ debugger allows you to set conditional breakpoints, visually view contents of variables in memory, view the call stack, and visualize complex data structures like XML files and linked lists.
Text Editor
The text editor features syntax highlighting, automatic code formatting, conversion between tabs and spaces, support for Windows and Unix line endings, block commenting and un-commenting, code outlining, bookmarks, and searching with regular expressions.
Configuration Manager
The configuration manager allows you to create multiple sets of project and solution settings per build configuration. You can customize the preprocessor, compiler, linker, and pre/post build events.

Benefits OF Visual C++