Important Information


Here is a list of items discussed at the start of the quarter:

  1. Please do not post code publicly into your Piazza questions, answers, or follow up discussion threads. All code is to be written by each student individually. The only exception to this rule is the code which was made available to everyone in lecture and discussion. Publicly posting code is a violation of the Integrity of Scholarship Agreement, and could result in a forfeiture of grades (depending on the severity). If you have a question regarding your code, we have many tutor hours. You can also create a private question which only you and the staff can see. Disclaimer: This does not mean that we will debug the code that you post.

  2. The course is about skills as much as it about knowledge. Future instructors and future employers will expect that you will attain a certain proficiency in problem solving. Using unauthorized aids (like your friend's completed assignment) will prevent you from meeting the proficiencies that others will expect. Meeting or not meeting these expectations relate directly to getting internships, retaining employment, and success in your future course work.

  3. In the large scheme of things, the material of CSE 12 is really very basic. You should expect to attain the skills and knowledge in the same manner as all other students in the course.

  4. We electronically compare your submissions with those submissions of other students from current and past quarters. The consequence for violating academic standards is an "F" in the course and being reported to the Dean of the college. The Deans are more intolerant of violations by seniors and the more likely consequence is suspension.

  5. Much of the value of a degree from UCSD comes from its reputation earned through the reputation of its graduates. Since your goal is a degree from UCSD, we are all a part of maintaining high standards of excellence.

  6. Knowing you completed the course within the expected guidelines is acting with honor. Acting with honor not only builds character and confidence, you'll know you've completed a significant achievement that no one can take from you.

  7. Doing your own work is easier than using someone else's work. However tempting using someone else's solution may appear to be as a quick solution to your problem, in reality obtaining and figuring out what someone else has done may take as much or more time than completing the assignment yourself. Completing the assignment in this manner is not as beneficial in the short or long term.

Cheating is engaging in reckless behavior where the risks are very high for gains that are just not worth it. Additionally, those gains are just hurting yourself when you don't learn the skills and material. It's a lose-lose situation. Anyone caught in violation is lacking in judgment, and as such need to experience the consequences first hand to learn from mistakes to use better judgments in the future.