Dine With A Prof Program


Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get to know a UCSD professor through the Dine-with-a-Prof Program! Enjoy a FREE lunch at the UCSD Faculty Club while interacting with your professor outside of the classroom.

How does it work?

Any UCSD undergraduate student can obtain a meal card for the program at their College Dean of Student Affairs Office ( which can be redeemed for lunch at the UCSD Faculty Club. Before obtaining your FREE meal card, please make sure you have the following information:

  • The full name and email address of the faculty member you will be taking to lunch.
  • The week number and quarter that the lunch will be held.
  • Please make sure to invite your professor to lunch PRIOR to obtaining the meal card. The meal card can be redeemed only by the faculty member with the student as a guest.

    The Dine-with-a-Prof Program is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Colleges.