How To Not Lose HW Points


  • Output of your program matches the output from the Development Guide.
  • The development guide is enough to get you started, however, you need to ensure your program works correctly given expected inputs including corner cases.
  • Documentation

  • Each local variable or struct/class data field declaration is commented with comments aligned on the same line.
  • Inline comments are present in each function to decribe/justify each idea (every group of two or three lines).
  • A blank line separates ideas within function.
  • Inline comments are aligned with code.
  • Starting with hw2, for brief same line and other inline comments:
    /* for C programs, use C style comments */
    // for Java programs, use Java style comments
    // for C++ programs, use C++ style comments
        For headers and multi-line blocks of inline comments, you can use either commenting style.
  • Headers

  • Make sure you have all the required headers as mentioned in the Grading Standards.
  • All file headers are present, accurate, and complete.
  • All function headers are present, accurate, and complete.
  • All struct/class headers are present, accurate, and complete.
  • Style

  • Open and close curly braces are aligned consistently.
  • No lines exceed 80 characters. You can check with the following command: grep -n '.\{81,\}' fileName
  • All variable names are longer than a single letter.
  • All variable names are descriptive of their role in the code.
  • All variable names having the same role in multiple functions have the same name.
  • Each code block is consistently indented using more than 2 spaces.
  • No use of magic numbers.
  • Files should not have Windows line endings (^M everywhere)
  • Turnin

    If all checks out, turn in your program by following The Turnin Procedure by the assignment deadline.

    Extra Credit

    Extra credit award is based upon the turnin time:

  • 7.5% for 3 days before original due date.
  • 5% for 2 days before original due date.
  • 2.5% for 1 day before original due date.